Retro Gaming 10’s- Super Mario Maker: (2015)

When it comes down to memorable Wii-U games from the mid part of the 10’s decade one of the few video games that became highly popular since its release was Super Mario Maker from 2015. Super Mario Maker is considered to be one of most high profile level editor platform games to have emerged within the game world within the past fifteen years. The appeal of Super Mario Maker comes from the fact that Nintendo took popular classics from older installments in the Mario series from mid 80’s-early 90’s and gave players the opportunity to create their own custom levels and stages that others upload and play online. Players were able to utilize stages, enemies and items from games such as Super Mario Bros 1-3 and New Super Mario Bros U from 2012. Despite, the Wii-U’s record low sales during its lifespan from ’12-’17 Super Mario Maker ended up becoming one of the most high profile video games to have emerged in 2015. Super Mario Maker ended up reaching over four million copies in overall sales with at least 600 million players online within the time span of two years. There are many people who believe that Super Mario Maker was a game that Nintendo should have released long before ’15; but that the same time thousands of hardcore Nintendo fans are happy that it even happened. One of the major negatives about Super Mario Maker is the fact that its only a single-player and there is no local multiplayer gameplay whatsoever.

But to be fair Super Mario Maker was Nintendo’s first major level design game ever and the company probably had no idea that the game would become as successful as it did. Fortunately, Nintendo decided to include multiplayer gameplay in Super Mario Maker 2 which came out on the Nintendo Switch back in 2019. Not only did Super Mario Maker 2 see a variety of significant improvements over its ’15 predecessor but it sold more copies on the Switch console reaching over seven million in sales. At this point Super Mario Maker might develop into an entire series possibly spawning a third installment sometime in the distant future on Nintendo’s next generation console later in the 20’s decade. Super Mario Maker is a game that is almost a decade old and should have sold more than it did but unfortunately it was negatively affected by the lack of commercial success that the Wii-U had during the mid 10’s. Over the past three decades Nintendo has always found new ways to reinvent themselves to make their video games and consoles more appealing and interesting to casual gamers in order to expand their overall fanbase. Super Mario Maker was without a doubt one of those games that children and adults could easily become a fan of.

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