Streets Of Rage 5- Will it ever happen?

As many people already know Dotemu’s Streets Of Rage 4 from 2020 was a huge commercial success and had reached over 2.5 million copies in sales since its release. One of the main reasons why Streets Of Rage 4 was a huge success was mainly because it was a highly anticipated sequel to a ’94 game that nobody thought would ever happen. The Streets of Rage series started on the Sega Genesis console back in ’91 and the series had been seemingly dead for over two decades. In fact, the beat em up genre has greatly declined in popularity since the 90’s and despite that Streets Of Rage 4 was probably the best selling game within its series which is very impressive. Seeing how successful Streets Of Rage 4 has been since its release in 2020 the game definitely deserves a sequel somewhere down the line in the distant future. Streets Of Rage 4 was a game that exceeded the expectations of both critics and hardcore fans of the series because it was much better than it had any business being. The art design, gameplay, level designs and soundtracks were all great and Streets Rage 4 was arguable a better installment than the legendary critically acclaimed Streets Of Rage 2 title Sega had released back in 1992. Dotemu alongside LizardCube and Guard Crush Games created a beat em up classic that will probably be seen in a similar light as Streets Of Rage 2 ten or twenty years from now. If Dotemu or any other video game developer decides to release a Streets Of Rage 5 title it should not be rushed to meet the expectations of those who just want another sequel.

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