Retro Gaming 00s- Wii Sports Resort: (2009)

Its hard to believe that the Wii Sports series had been around for about sixteen years now with the very first game being released back in 2006. While the very first Wii Sports game was a classic the second major installment from ‘09 almost just as good. Wii Sports Resort was released for the Nintendo Wii console back in ‘09 and was basically a modified version of its predecessor. Wii Sports Resort was a family friendly game with avatar based character designs; which featured a variety of different sports that players could choose to participate in.

Wii Sports Resort included a variety of different activities including:

  • Swordplay
  • Frisbee
  • Power Crusing
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Air Sports
  • Bowling
  • Table Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Wakeboarding
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling

Players were allowed to control characters utilizing the Wii remote & nunchucks which made for a more unique and realistic gameplay experience. The graphics and overall design for Wii Sports Resort was impressive and the game ended up becoming a massive commercial success. In fact, Wii Sports Resort was the third best selling game for the Wii console reaching over 33 million copies in sales. The prequel for Sports Resort from ‘06 ended becoming the best selling game on the Wii console reaching over 82 million in sales. If Nintendo had saved Wii Sports Resort for the Wii-U console; its quite possible that the console would have sold more between ‘12-‘16. But since the Wii-U was a commercial failure it also could of had a negative effect on the overall success of Wii Sports Resort. Along with the release of Wii Sports Resort the gaming world was introduced to the Wii MotionPlus which was only compatible with certain games. Despite, the fact that the Wii Sports series is still around today its definitely not as popular as it once was between the late 00’s-early 10’s.

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