Should Pokémon Red & Blue be re-released for Nintendo Switch?

Pokémon Red & Blue are both RPG classics that came out in ‘96 for Game Boy over 25 years ago. Since the release of Pokémon Red & Blue they both managed to become the best selling games to have appeared on Game Boy from the mid to late 90s. Together both Pokémon Red & Blue managed to reach over 31 million copies in sales and has managed to gain a cult following since ‘96. The idea of having Pokémon Red & Blue on Nintendo Switch Online sounds like a great idea especially since it would appeal to both old school and casual gamers. If Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl can reach over 13 million copies in sales on the Nintendo; then surely Pokémon Red & Blue can be a best seller on Nintendo’s cure generation game system as well. The idea of reintroducing classic Pokémon games from the 90s to current Switch owners sounds like money; seeing how popular the Pokémon franchise still is today. Nintendo has not expressed any interest in remaking or remastering Pokémon Red & Blue for the Nintendo Switch; but there is no question that an announcement would definitely turn heads within the gaming world.

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