Retro Gaming 90s- Mega Man VI: (1993)

When it comes down to overlooked Mega Man video games from the early 90’s many people would go on record and say that Rockman 3 for the NES falls into that category. As many people know the Nintendo Entertainment System was released back in ‘83 and by ‘93 the console was considered obsolete. The SNES console had took center stage during the early 90’s with more gamers focusing Mega Man X which also came out 1993. The plot for the game focused on the First Annual Robot Tournament with Mr X. As the main antagonist. Mr X. was responsible for taking control of the robots at the tournament for the sole purpose of conquering the world. Mega Man VI included a total of sixteen different levels and the game was not considered to be as difficult as the first three titles from ‘87-‘90. Over the years many fans of the series have been polarized about whether or not Mega Man 6 was a good game. It may not have been as memorable as the installments from the 80’s or the X series; but it does not mean that it was a bad game. Mega Man VI was simply overshadowed by Mega Man X and a variety of other SNES titles from the early 90’s.

Also, the storyline for Mega Man X along with the main villain Sigma and the introduction of Zero was far more intriguing than what Mega Man 6 had to offer. Mega Man X had more superior graphics and a more memorable soundtrack. In hindsight it would of made more sense to release Mega Man 6 on the SNES since Capcom ended up doing it with Mega Man 7 in 1995. However, more people most like had the NES console which had been in retail worldwide since ‘83; which they probably figured would increase the likelihood of the overall sales of Mega Man 6. If Mega Man 6 was released sometime during the 80s before the release of the NES it most likely would have performed well in relation to sales. Either way, Mega Man 6 can still be considered an underrated classic despite not being nearly as popular as most of the other entries within its series.

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