Retro Gaming 90s- Captain America and the Avengers: (1991)

The early 90’s was such a great time to be a gamer especially if you were a fan of the beat ‘em up genre. When we think about classic beat ‘em up games from the early 90s titles such as TMNT: Turtles In Time, Streets Of Rage II along with Final Fight instantly comes to mind. There were a variety of decent beat ‘em up games that were overlooked during the early 90s; the Captain America and The Avengers game was definitely one of them. The Captain America beat ‘em up arcade game was released in ‘91 and was released by the now defunct video game developer Data East. The Captain America arcade game was released on multiple gaming platforms including the NEE, Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. Captain America and the Avengers had a pretty basic plot that focused stopping the Red Skull and his henchmen from taking over the world. The game provided players with four characters to choose from including Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man along with Vision. There were also high profile supervillains featured in this game including Klaw, The Juggernaut and the Grim Reaper. Captain America and the Avengers was considered to be somewhat of a short game since it only featured five levels.

This game had its share of strong points including fantastic graphics, high fun factor along with four player gameplay in arcade centers. Despite, how cool the Captain the America arcade game was it lacked depth in relation to storyline. However, Captain America and the Avengers was a little more diverse than your typical beam up title. The repetition commonly seen normal beam up fighting games was seemingly absent. In some levels players engaged in aerial shooting combat which is something that you do not see in games like Streets If Rage or Final Fight. The visual design for Captain America and the Avengers looked somewhat reminiscent of X-Men Arcade from 1992. As high quality video games are concerned this ‘91 beat ‘em up title was arguably the best Captain America game from the 90’s. For the most part Captain America stayed relevant throughout most of Capcom’s video games during the 90’s. But as a solo character Captain America did not have too many high profile video games where he was featured as the main character during the 90s.

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