Sonya Blade vs Nina Williams which character is more popular?

When it comes down to popular female characters in relation to the fighting genre of gaming both Sonya Blade and Nina Williams are well known figures. Sonya Blade has been around since ‘92 when the original Mortal Kombat came out; Nina Williams had first appeared on the very first Tekken title which came out in ‘94. Both characters are considered to be charismatic and stood during a time period where female characters in fighting games were scare. In fact, some would put both Sonya Blade and Nina Williams in the same category as Chun-Li & Mai Shiranui in terms of being popularity. In terms which characters are more popular between Sonya & Nina is something that is subjective because everyone has their own respective opinions. The Mortal Kombat franchise is arguably bigger than Tekken on a mainstream level and Sonya Blade is pretty much a larger than life character almost 30 years after the release of MK1. The General of EarthRealm Special Forces Sonya Blade is known for her toughness and fearless attitude which is something many gamers like about her; especially from MK9 to MK11. Nina Williams also known as the “Silent Assistant” is known for her cold, emotionless and ruthless personality had also become a fan favorite among casual and hardcore fans of the Tekken series. Both characters have been around since the 90’s and in terms of toughness and charisma both Sonya Blade and Nina Williams have somewhat paralleled each other for over the past 25 years. While the Tekken fighting series is considered to be legendary especially as it pertains to the 90’s trilogy; the Mortal Kombat has developed more of a cultural impact than Tekken has. While Nina Williams will always be considered a legendary figure within the fighting genre of gaming; some would put Sonya Blade above as it relates to overall popularity.

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