Will Wonder Woman’s new video game be a huge attraction?

As we all learned on December 9th Monolith Productions, DC and Warner Bros. Games will be releasing a brand new video game featuring the legendary heroine Wonder Woman. Based on what we know the upcoming Wonder Woman game will be a third person action-adventure title with an open world environment. The reason why this is such a big deal because this probably the first high profile video game ever; that features Wonder Woman as the main protagonist outside of any Justice League related video game. This upcoming Wonder Woman video game probably took many people by surprise when the trailer was first revealed at this year’s Game Awards. At the moment its uncertain what video game consoles the game will appear on or what the rating for the game is. Considering the fact that this upcoming DC game is a third party title it will most likely appear on PS5, Xbox Series X along with Microsoft Windows. We still have yet to see official gameplay footage of this upcoming Wonder Woman game; hopefully we will learn more details about this brand new DC title sometime in 2022,

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