Star Ocean: Divine Force confirmed for release in 2022!!!

There are many people who have recently watched Sony’s State Of Play 2021 direct presentation and were impressed by some of the games that had been presented. One of the few titles that arguably stole the show at the State Of Play 2021 event was Star Ocean: Divine Force. For those who do not know Star Ocean: Divine Force is supposed to be the sequel to the Integrity & Faithfulness game that came out back in ‘16 for the PS3 & PS4. Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithfulness was considered to be a weak entry within the series mainly since it was a commercial failure. Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithfulness only reached over 100,000 in sales and was main criticized for lack of cutscenes and character development as it related to the protagonists featured within the game. Based on what was presented in the trailer for Star Ocean: Divine Force it seemed like tri-Ace & Square Enix are going to give us a much better Action-RPG than what we expected. Also, everything about the trailer for Star Ocean: Divine Force was a win from the cutscenes & dialogue all the way down to the character and open world level designs. Star Ocean: Divine Force has been confirmed to appear on the PS4 & PS5 sometime next year in on a date that has yet to be revealed. Star Ocean: Divine Force will feature two heroes including a space captain named Raymond and a princess known as Laeticia in order to save her kingdom. The story for Star Ocean: Divine Force will be very intriguing since it’s presented from different perspective as it relates to each character; with choices made affecting how events unfold throughout the game. Along with appearing on the PS5 & PS4 Star Ocean: Divine Force is expected to appear on the Xbox Series X/S along with Microsoft Windows and Steam in 2022.

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