Superman 64- Worst superhero game ever?

As many people know Superman is considered to be a legendary figure in the fictional world of DC Comics that has been around since the late 30’s. While the alien superhero has starred in several good and bad movies since 1951; there are not too many good self-titled Superman video games that people can think of on the top of their head. One of the worst Superman video games to have ever been made came out over 20 years ago back in ‘99 for the Nintendo 64. Before it’s initial release there were many people who were high on Superman 64 because it would be one of the first 3D installment ever within its series. After the release of Superman 64 the game was panned for having multiple technical issues from bugs & glitches all the way down to poor frame rates and collision detection. Superman 64 did not have a compelling storyline by any means and the melee fights against enemies looked awkward. The missions were seemed too simplistic even though the game was designed to target children for the most part. After a short period of time Superman 64 easily became boring and repetitive and it felt like the developers did not put too effort into the game itself.

Despite, the horrible reviews Superman 64 had received the game managed to reach at least 500K in copies sold; but it still managed to fall short of one million which was Titus Interactive’s goal. Even though, Superman 64 was plagued with flaws the popularity legendary superhero had been declining since ‘87 following the release of Superman IV: Quest For Peace in theaters. Also, by the late 90’s superheroes were considered to be unpopular since teenagers and young adults in American society began to gravitate more towards anti-heroes. Even if Superman 64 had minimal flaws and better graphics it still could have been a failure on the N64 because superheroes were no longer “cool” by the late 90’s. In fact, super hero games in general were not too popular during the 90’s maybe with exception of Marvel games such as X-Men arcade (1992), X-Men Mutant Apocalypse (1994), Marvel Super Heroes (1995), etc. Its quite possible that the 90’s was simply not a good decade for DC in general; but at the same time there were hardly any Batman titles from the 90’s that were as bad as Superman 64.

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