Should Sony release a Venom game?

As many people know a brand new Spider-Man game was recently announced for an upcoming release on the PS5 sometime in 2023. While the Spider-Man video game series is hot right especially considering how popular the ‘18 game was along with Miles Morales from 2020; it’s a bit shocking that we have yet to see a video game for Venom. Even though, Venom is going to be a huge part of the Spider-Man video game which is set to be released in ‘23; the character has arguably be just as popular as Spider-Man has as it relates to the Marvel series in general. The recent Venom from ‘18 was a massive box office success and generated over $856 million in box office revenue and managed to generate somewhat of a cult following in American society. A video game based on the Venom movie from ‘18 would be interesting and would definitely turn heads within the gaming world. However, when it comes down to video game movies in general they normally fall below the expectations of the masses. Also, its uncertain whether or not Sony would be able to produce a Venom video game that surpasses the Spider-Man title from ‘18 in both revenue and sales.

Spider-Man has been heavily promoted far more within the past three decades both in gaming and in movies than Venom has. Spider-Man is also a bigger attraction to the general audience whether it be children or adults young and old. Also, Spider-Man quite possibly the only mainstream superhero who has a greater quantity of good video games than Batman. The Spider-Man games from the early 2000’s were all pretty decent like the two PS1 titles between ‘00-‘01. Also, the PS2 Spider-Man games from ‘02-‘04 received mostly good reviews from critics along with the Web Of Shadows game that came out in 2008. It would have been nice to see a video game centered around Venom thirteen or fourteen years ago following the release of Spider-Man 3 in 2007. Even though, Spider-Man 3 was not as popular as the first two films from ‘02-‘04 it introduced Eddie Brock/Venom to a casual audience on the big screen. Seeing how successful the Venom movie was in ‘18 and how popular the character is right now; Sony should definitely get a developer for new Venom following the upcoming release of their next Spider-Man title for the PS5.

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