Could Earthbound have worked on the Sega Genesis?

As many know Earthbound was one of the most interesting and somewhat overlooked video games to have appeared on the SNES console during the mid 90’s. The level designs, graphics along with the storyline for Earthbound were all very intriguing and could have been more if an attraction on the SNES if it were released between ‘91-‘92. While Earthbound was not a huge commercial success on the SNES there are some who believe that the game could have possibly stood out more on the Sega Genesis during the mid 90’s. Prior to ‘95-‘96 Square Enix had strong relationship with Nintendo which is why we saw countless of the company’s RPG titles on the SNES console in the early 90’s. There were games like Final Fantasy IV-V, Chrono Trigger, Secret Of Mana and others in the SNES that exceeded Earthbound in popularity in both Japan and America. However, if Earthbound was published by Sega and appeared on the Genesis comparison it may not have much better on a commercial level. The Sega Genesis did not feature hardly any high profile video games outside of the Phantasy Star & Shining series.

If anything the Sega Genesis was built mainly for platformers and racing genre type games. Earthbound would haves looked a bit strange on the Genesis console but it would have still of been interesting to see. It should also be noted that the very first Mother game which appeared on the NES console back in ‘89 as a Japanese exclusive. Seeing how the very first Mother game in the series was on the NES it would only make sense that Mother 2 appeared as a SNES exclusive. In theory, Mother 2/Earthbound could have worked on the Genesis console during the mid 90’s; but since the Mother series was licensed by Nintendo it was almost impossible for that to happen. For the most part Nintendo had better games than Sega and ended up selling more units with the Super NES in the long run than its competitor back then.

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