Should Sega have made a Virtua Racing 2?

Sega’s Virtua Racing was one of the first 3D racing games ever made and has been considered a classic since its ‘92 release. Virtua Racing was praised by various critics and gaming publications for being a a game that was simply ahead of its time; during an era where 2D gameplay and sprites dominated the early 90’s. Following its initial arcade release Virtua Racing had appeared on numerous game systems including the Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn and Sega 32X. Despite, its level of success Sega had failed to capitalize on the popularity of Virtua Racing since they never made an official sequel for the game during the 90’s. If Sega had made a Virtua Racing 2 for the Dreamcast console it could have easily have been one of the best selling games on that system. While Virtua Racing was a very basic racing game Sega could of made modifications and added multiplayer gameplay; which would have made a Virtua Racing 2 a huge attraction. Even though, Virtua Racing was not as popular as Gran Turismo was in ‘97 it still made for an exciting arcade title in general.

Its very strange how Sega never capitalized off the popularity that Virtua Racing had considered the fact that it was one of the highest grossing arcade titles of the 90’s. Also, the racing genre was one of the few areas where Nintendo could not touch Sega as far as high quality video games were concerned. If Sega had turned Virtua Racing into a series it could of ended up becoming the company’s version of Gran Turismo except with arcade based gameplay. Sega not turning Virtua Racing into a series may have been a huge mistake on the company’s part that came back to haunt them between ‘00-‘01. By the late 90’s-early 00’s Sonic the Hedgehog did not earn as much money for Sega like he did in the early 90’s during the Genesis era. Developing a Virtua Racing 2 with enhanced modifications from the ‘92 arcade game could have definitely been a huge commercial success if marketed correctly.

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