Donkey Kong series reaches impressive milestone!!!

As many people know Donkey Kong is one of most legendary figures in the history of gaming and has been around since 1981. The once villainous ape has become very popular since his very first self-entitled arcade game which is considered to be cult classic. Ever since, the early 80’s Nintendo has produced a variety of Donkey Kong game over the past four decades that people are still huge fans of in 2021. In fact, all versions of the very first Donkey Kong game has managed to generate at least $4.4 billion in revenue. It was recently reported that the Donkey Kong series has managed to reach at least 65 million units in worldwide sales; which is an impressive feat for a game that has been around for four decade. While the original Donkey Kong arcade title was a massive success in the 80’s; the Donkey Kong Country series from the 90’s which appeared on the SNES ending up some of Nintendo’s greatest work in relation to the franchise. The 3D like character sprites featured in the Donkey Kong Country trilogy along with the soundtracks were simply incredible. Also, the Donkey Kong 64 game from ‘99 is one that is often overlooked despite the amount of praise that it received following its release.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Breeze which came for the Wii-U console back in ‘14 was probably the last major console installments of the DK series that we got to see. Since the mid 10’s Nintendo has made no announcements about a upcoming DK platform game for the Nintendo Switch. However, there have been rumors circulating on the Internet that Nintendo is indeed working on a new Donkey Kong platform game. Its been at least seven years since Donkey Kong: Tropical Breeze was released and there is no doubt that people want to see a DK title for the Switch console. Despite, the Donkey Kong franchise not having the same level of success as Super or the the Legend Of Zelda series DK as a character is still somewhat of an attraction in 2021.

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