Will there be another Killer Instinct game for the Xbox Series X?

When it comes down to high profile fighting games that were Xbox One exclusives back in the early 10’s the Killer Instinct from 2013 is one that instantly comes to mind. As many people know the Killer Instinct series began back in ‘94 and was popular in arcade centers worldwide. The original Killer Instinct game from ‘94 became so popular that it rivaled the likes of Mortal Kombat III in popularity and eventually spawned a N64 sequel in 1996. While the Killer Instinct game from ‘13 was praised by many people it was overshadowed by a variety of fighting titles from the early 10’s including Marvel vs Capcom III, Mortal Kombat IX, Soul Calibur V and many others. If the Killer Instinct game from ‘13 was made available across multiple gaming platforms such as the PS4 and the Wii-U it could have possibly been more successful than it was. Even though, the Killer Instinct game from ‘13 was not a huge commercial success there are still people petitioning for a sequel for the future. As it currently stands Microsoft Studios has made no announcements regarding an upcoming sequel for Killer Instinct ‘13; nor do they have any plans on making it a reality.

The big question regarding a potential Killer Instinct 2 for the Xbox Series X is whether or not they can get a hold of Double Helix Games or Iron Galaxy Studios for development. Also, whether or not Killer Instinct 2 is worth the investment for Microsoft Studios seeing how a ton of money went into making the game. While most gamers today are more fond of RPG’s, action-adventure and first person shooter games the fighting genre is still appealing to many gamers in general. Also, another Killer Instinct title would be an opportunity for the developers to further polish and make modifications to the game from 2013. Its been at least eight years since Killer Instinct ‘13 was released and the game has aged quite well since then. If we never get another Killer Instinct game in the future then the title from ‘13 can easily be considered the best installment within the entire series.

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