Retro Gaming 90’s- Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden (1995)

As many people know the 90’s was not exactly the most popular time period as it relates to DBZ video games despite how popular the animated series was. A majority of high profile DBZ titles from the 90’s had remained Japanese exclusive back in the day with only a few actually being released overseas in America. One of the few DBZ titles that deserved a US release but remained exclusively in Japan was Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden from 1995. For those who do not know Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden was developed by TOSE Software Co. and published by Bandi and came out as a Sega Saturn exclusive. Due to Sega Saturn being a commercial failure not too many people had the opportunity to play Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden. The gameplay for DBZ: Shin Butoden was similar to that of Ultimate Battle 22 for the PS1 but better. The character sprites and background stage designs in DBZ: Shin Butoden looked more detailed than Ultimate Battle 22. Also, the gameplay for DBZ: Shin Butoden felt like a modified version of Dragon Ball Z: Butoden 3 for the SNES from 1994. DBZ: Shin Butoden not only had fast paced gameplay but it also featured cutscenes during battles of character’s facial reactions when opponents fired powerful energy blasts.

Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden also featured game modes such as Story, Versus, Group Battle, Tournament and Mr. Satan. DBZ: Shin Butoden featured characters from the Frieza saga all the way up too the Buu era with Super Saiyan characters along with Androids and popular villains like Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, etc. The soundtrack for DBZ: Shin Butoden was pretty much the same as the one for Ultimate Battle 22 which ended up being one of the biggest positives of the game itself. Despite, the Sega Saturn console not being a huge attraction in America it comes as a mystery why DBZ: Shin Butoden never made it over to the United States during the mid 90’s. Even though, Shin Butoden from ‘95 was far from being the best DBZ game ever made it definitely was not worse. If anything Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden was one of the better DBZ fighting games of the 90’s along with the likes of Butoden 3 and Hyper Dimension for the SNES.

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