Does Persona 4 Golden deserve a 4K HD remake for the PS5?

When it comes down to memorable RPG’s from the early 10’s it’s almost impossible to forget about Persona 4: Golden from 2012. The game was praised for its storyline, 3D graphics and gameplay and is seen as somewhat of a cult classic by various gamers today. Prior to the release and success of Persona 5 from ‘16 onwards it seems like Atlus has invested more time in trying to make as much money as they can off of their most recent game. However, there are die-hard fans of the the legendary RPG series who would love to see Persona 4: Golden get a 4K HD Remake for a current generation consoles like the PlayStation 5. Even though, the original Persona 4 game was released back in ‘08 for the PlayStation 3; June 2022 will mark the ten year anniversary of Persona 4: Golden which was released on the PlayStation Vita back in June 2012. At some point Atlus should definitely do something special with Persona 4: Golden especially since it might take longer than expected for Persona 6 to appear on the PS5.

Despite, being a great JRPG with a dark yet intriguing storyline there are many people who question whether or not Persona 4: Golden would still be an attraction in 2022-2023. Since the RPG genre is very popular today players have a ton of different options in terms of what can play today such as: Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and more. If Atlus ever decided to release a 4K HD Remake of Persona 4: Golden they should make significant modifications to almost every aspect of the game. If Atlus decided to utilize the same art style for a Persona 4: Golden remake that they did for Persona 5 that would be very impressive. However, it does seem like Atlus any plans on remaking Persona 4: Golden in anyway shape or form. In fact, Atlus has not done anything with Persona 4 since the animated series came out back in 2014. While nostalgia can be good thing some would agree that some things are best left in the past and Persona 4: Golden may be one of them.

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