Retro Gaming 00’s- Batman: Vengeance (2001)

Throughout most of the 90’s decade and even the early 00’s we did not get too many good Batman games in general. In fact, some best Batman video games did not come until the late 00’s-early 10’s following the success of the critically acclaimed Dark Knight movie from 2008. However, Batman: Vengeance from ‘01 was one of the few decent titles that we got to see on the PS2, GameCube, Xbox prior to the late 00’s. Batman: Vengeance was developed by Ubi Soft Montreal and published tnby Ubi Soft and was based off the New Batman television series from ‘97-‘99. In fact, the visuals from the game resembled that of the New Batman Adventures which added to overall gameplay experience for Batman: Vengeance. The strong points of Batman: Vengeance included its graphics, world design, voice over acting and music score. While Batman: Vengeance was not the best video game involving the dark Knight the game had serious feel to it and looked great. There was some comedic dialogue within the cutscenes involving the Joker & Harley Quinn which was pretty cool for a game with dark tone. The plot for the game revolved around the Jokers alleged death at the hands of Batman following a battle where is he falls off a bridge.

The most intriguing thing about the game was the fact that players spend more time searching for answers while trying to figure out what was going on. Players eventually discover that Mr. Freeze is trying to kill a scientist known as Isaac Evers who has invented a miracle drug known as Promethium which is designed for cryogenically frozen people. Batman also discovers a sinister plot where Poison Ivy intends to blackmail Mayor Hamilton Hill and other wealthy influential people in power through worm- infected mutant plants. Batman ultimately learns that the Joker faked his own death and that he funded Evers Promethium experiment in exchange for his own flammable toxin. Joker not only made Evers a target of Mr. Freeze but he also supplied the Poison Ivy the chemicals that allowed her to create super-plants which would help rebuild the destroyed Gotham Chemicals facility. The Jokers endgame involved being able to use Gotham Chemicals to mass produce his toxins while leading Batman astray as to what was really going on. While the storyline was solid along with almost everything else in Batman: Vengeance; the gameplay could have been much better. When it came down to combat players were limited mainly to melee attacks and the first person gameplay seemed like an unnecessary feature to have in Batman: Vengeance. Batman: Vengeance was played primarily through a third person perspective and there was no need to facilitate back and forth between that and first-person gameplay. Also, the lack of weapons that Batman had in the Vengeance game aside from his grappling hook was seen as somewhat of a disappointment. If Batman: Vengeance had a more robust combat system along with various weapons that players could use the game could have been twice as better than it was. While Batman: Vengeance was a pretty solid action-adventure game but it came nowhere close to Arkham Asylum from 2008.

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