Tekken 4 (2001) vs Soul Calibur II (2002) which game was better?

Tekken 4 from ‘01 was the sequel to the critically acclaimed Tekken 3 title from ‘97 which is still seen as one of the greatest arcade fighting title ever made. While Tekken 4 was also considered a huge success it was not on the same level of popularity as its predecessor despite having better visuals and to some extent gameplay. While Tekken 4 was one of the biggest fighting titles for the PS2 in ‘01 Soul Caliber II had become a smash hit as it relates to the arcade fighting genre. While both Tekken 4 & Soul Calibur II including fast-paced gameplay both games had significant differents that made them stand out from one another. While Soul Calibur II had an Arcade mode Tekken 4 had a Story Mode were the plot heavily revolved around the Mishima family. Tekken 4 also saw the return of Force Mode from Tekken 3 along with a head to head versus mode. Aside from those things Namco did not necessarily created anything new in terms of gameplay or feature wise that would heavily distinguish Tekken 4 from its predecessor. In fact, Tekken 4 was often seen as uninspired in comparison to Tekken 3 especially as it pertains to the soundtrack. The soundtrack from Tekken 3 was one of the best in the series alongside its predecessor.

Soul Calibur II on the other hand was very fun to play because along with the basic Arcade and Versus modes included in the game; players could also engage in Team Battles. The elimination style Team Battle Mode in Soul Calibur II felt like a 3D version of an older KOF arcade game which added to its overall appeal. While the Tekken series took a brief dip in popularity following the release the third main installment; the Soul Calibur series was only becoming more popular during the 00’s decade. While the arcade fighting genre of gaming was starting to decline during the 00’s decade; there is no question that Tekken 4 and Soul Calibur II both huge attractions on the OS2 during the early 00’s. While both games has their share of strengths and weaknesses every has their own respective opinions on which game was better between Tekken 4 and Soul Calibur II. As far as memorable titles within the Tekken series is concerned Tekken 4 is considered somewhat forgettable compared to other installments within the series. However, Soul Calibur II is often regarded as one of the best and most memorable installments within its series.

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