Did Final Fight 2 deserve an arcade release?

As many people know Final Fight from ‘89 is considered to be an arcade classic that many people still speak fondly of to this day. The Final Fight game from ‘89 was one of Capcom’s most successful titles following its release due to how popular the beat em up genre of gaming was during the late 80’s-early 90’s time period. Following the release of the original Final Fight game we eventually got a SNES exclusive sequel in 1993. There was really no explanation as to why Final Fight 2 from ‘93 never received an arcade release. However, many can make the argument that by ‘93 Capcom’s Street Fighter II series began to overshadow the Final Fight series in popularity. By the early to mid 90’s co-op beat em up games began to decline in popularity in favor of 2D fighting titles was it related to any brawling based genre. Also, Final Fight 2 which saw the return of Mike Haggar did not feature Cody & Guy who were popular characters in the original Final Fight title. Instead of Guy and Cody we got Maki & Carlos who only appeared once throughout the entire Final Fight series. While Guy made his return in Final Fight 3 along with Mike Haggar the game itself along with Final Fight 2 were not as iconic as the first game from ‘89.

Along with Final Fight 2 being pretty repetitive in terms of gameplay the game itself looked great visual and became more challenging towards the end. Final Fight 2 was a decent beat em up game for its time; but there no way it could have competed with the likes of TMNT: Turtles in Time or X-Men Arcade back in the early 90’s. Also, Genesis console exclusive beat em ups like Street Of Rage II from ‘92 blew Final Fight II out of the water in terms of gameplay, soundtrack and level design. Making Final Fight II an SNES exclusives as the best thing Nintendo could have done in the early 90’s. For the part competition within the beat em genre was becoming more fierce as the landscape of gaming was evolving. This is not to say that Final Fight II was a bad game because it was not. If Final Fight II was released in the late 80’s on the NES console it could have possibly been more popular than it was on the SNES during the 90’s.

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