Is Majora’s Mask the darkest Zelda game ever?

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was released over 20 years ago for the N64 console as the direct sequel to Ocarina Of Time from 1998. Majora’s Mask was not only praised by fans of the series for its gameplay mechanics and visuals; but there were many people who were impressed by Nintendo’s decision to go with a more darker theme compared to what is normally presented in Zelda games. In fact, there are many fans of the Zelda series who would agree that Majora’s Mask was the darkest entry within the entire series. The plot revolved around Skull Kid causing an apocalypse by drawing the Moon to Termina after cursing numerous inhabitants within the land. Skull Kid was corrupted by the Majora’s Mask and the mortality rate within the story was extremely high; which was surprising since Zelda games in general are normally family-friendly with an “E” rating. While Majora’s Mask is the obvious choice for the most darkest game within the Zelda series everyone has their own preferences. Some believe that Twilight Princess from ‘06 was darker than it had any business being. In Twilight Princess the setting takes place in a world filled with shadow beasts and had a rather somber tone to it.

Also, in addition to the feeling of isolation Twilight Princess did not necessarily have that much of a happy ending in comparison to Majora’s Mask. At least in Majora’s Mask Link pretty much ended up improving the lives of 99% of the population on Termina towards the end of the game. In Twilight Princess Link ended up saving Hyrule and restored the denizens of the Twilight Realm to normal but at what cost? By the time Twilight Princess was over Link’s relationship with Ilia was strained and he never got to see his love interest Midna again. It should be noted that by the end of Twilight Princess the Zora Queen is dead along with the fact that the population of Kakariko was in shambles. Twilight Princess not only had a grim tone to it but ending was not necessarily happy either despite Zant’s death.

While Ocarina Of Time from ‘98 is considered to be the one of greatest installments within the series it’s considered to be both dark and sad. In Ocarina Of Time Link is not remembered or his heroic act after defeating Ganondorf once he is sent back to his childhood. Link ended up living in isolation after being sent back in time where Ganondorf never rose to power and lost his innocence due to the horrors he had witnessed. Also, Ocarina Of Time was basically the prelude to Majora’s Mask meaning that the future was going to be very dark even though things were already bad for Link. Even though, Link’s story in Ocarina Of Time was sad along with Twilight Princess being grim overall; almost every aspect of Majora’s Mask was very dark in comparison to every other entry within the Zelda series because it was apocalyptic.

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