Did Sega have better racing games than Nintendo during the 90’s?

The console wars between Sega and Nintendo during the 90’s is something that almost every gamer knows about at this point. When it comes to overall success many would argue that Nintendo produced more successful gaming consoles than Sega did throughout the 90’s decade. While the Super Nintendo Entertainment System reached approximately 49 million in sales Sega Genesis only reached about over 30 million within years following its ‘88 release. After the Sega Saturn was released in ‘94 it reached over 9 million in sales while the N64 from ‘96 hit over 32 million. The Dreamcast console from ‘98 had reached over 9 million in lifetime sales similar to that of Sega Saturn and was somewhat of a commercial failure. However, if you look back at some of Sega most high profile video games outside of the Sonic the Hedgehog series; then it becomes clear Sega had produced far more superior racing games than Nintendo. While Super Mario Kart from ‘92 and Mario Kart 64 from ‘96 are considered to be iconic racing games Sega produced high quality 3D gameplay & graphics like Virtua Racing, Sega Rally Championship, Scud Race and Crazy Taxy from ‘92-‘99. In fact, Sega was responsible for producing some of the most popular arcade racing titles in video game history.

It should also be noted that Sega had also developed the Outrun arcade game back in ‘86; during a time period where Nintendo was still producing & licensing 8-bit video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Before the start of the Gran Turismo series in ‘97 Sega was revolutionizing the landscape of the racing genre with their games. Polyphony Digital took the 3D racing genre to the next level during the 00’s decade with titles like Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec & Gran Turismo 4; which were both huge attractions on the PS2 console back then. If you look at some of the most high profile racing games that Nintendo developed during the 90’s they came during the later part of the decade. On the N64 we got titles such as: Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero X and Wave Race 64. During the SNES era of the early 90’s the main Nintendo developed game that was a huge success was F-Zero from 1991. The Super NES mainly had Mario & Donkey Kong platform games along with third party fighting titles and RPGs developed by Square Enix which ended up becoming the biggest attractions for that console. There is no doubt that Nintendo had dominated the platform & role-playing genre during the 90’s whether they produced their own games or licensed others. But there is no question that Sega had produced far more high quality 3D arcade racers than Nintendo did during the 90’s decade.

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