Game Boy’s 32nd Anniversary!!!

Nintendo’s handheld Game Boy system is one of the most legendary pieces of technology in the world of gaming. After the NES console was a massive success from ‘83 onwards selling millions of units globally; Nintendo had developed a handheld 8-bit version of the NES which heavily lack color during its initial release. The Game Boy system is considered to be memorable mainly due to some of the exciting titles we got to see during the early 90’s. We got to see high profile titles on Game Boy including Tetris, Pokémon Red & Blue, Super Mario Land I & II and more which are still talked about to this day. Also, while the console war between Nintendo and Sega was going on Game Boy stood out more as a handheld game system since it hardly had any real competition throughout the 90’s. Even though, Sega’s Game Gear handheld system reached close to 11 million units in sales; it was not nearly as successful as Nintendo Game Boy from 1989. It should be noted that Nintendo’s Game Boy product line including GBC from ‘98 had reached at least 118 million in sales throughout the 90’s decade. Without the original Game Boy system we never would have seen the likes the Game Boy SP, Nintendo DS along with the Nintendo 3DS product line within the past 20 years or so.

Despite, the fact the gameplay on the original Game Boy console looks obsolete compared to almost anything we see today; it was definitely ahead of its time during its release during the second half of 1989. Also, it should be noted that Game Boy had managed to sell about a third of what the Sega Genesis did worldwide when it first appeared in Japan in 1988. The Sega Genesis sold over 30 million in sales during its lifespan but it still paled in comparison to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in terms of popularity. Game Boy along with the Super Famicom console helped Nintendo dominate the console wars during the first half of the 90’s decade. Even though, Sony’s PS1 dominated its competition during the second half of the 90’s many people were still addicted to the 80’s styled 8-bit gameplay that Game Boy had to offer. The popularity and cult following of the Pokémon series which began in ‘96 greatly contributed to the massive success of Game Boy along with GBC.

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