Is Nintendo Switch OLED worth it?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is something that everyone has been talking about as of late over the past week or so. It was reported by Nintendo that this new version of the Switch console will be released later this year on October 8th. Similar to the original Switch console from ‘17 the new Switch mode will allow TV, Tabletop along with handheld mode. The new version of the Switch console will have a larger OLED display screen compared to the original model which has a LCD screen. While having a OLED screen for the Switch console sounds cool Sony had did the same thing with the PlayStation Vita years ago. If anything the PlayStation Vita was ahead of its time but it looks like Nintendo will end up profiting more from this particular concept. One of the biggest let downs about the new version of the Nintendo Switch is the fact that it lacks 4K resolution. While the PS5 along with the Xbox Series X are striving giving gamers the best gaming experience possible in terms of 4K visuals; Nintendo Switch apparently has limitations that would prevent it from being on par with its competitors in terms of graphics.

The Switch OLED console is listed at $349 and there are some people who believe that the console is priced to highly. The price of the original Switch console was somewhere around $299 which is not nearly as expensive in comparison to the PS5 or the Xbox Series X consoles. However, the PlayStation Vita from ‘11 was priced at $249 and it also contained an OLED screen. To be fair the PlayStation Vita was considered to be a commercial failure following its release unlike the original Switch console from 2017. Those who focus more on the visuals aspect of gaming would most likely be interested in the new upcoming Switch model that is set to be released on October 8th. Either way, the overall sales of the Nintendo Switch is most likely going to increase dramatically for the next three years or so. While the value of the original Switch model will decrease over time more people are likely to purchase it because of its affordability between ‘22-‘23.

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