Retro Gaming 90’s- Bomberman 64: (1997)

The Bomberman series has been around since ‘83 and while its considered to be legendary; the level of popularity of that Bomberman has seemed subpar compared to many other video game series that appeared on various consoles over the past three decades especially those related to Nintendo. While one of the most recent installments of the series Super Bomberman R received a fair amount mainstream attention; titles like Bomberman 64 from ‘97 was completely overshadowed on the N64 during the late 90’s. Bomberman 64 was developed and published by Hudson Soft and was the first 3D installment within its series. Also, one of the most unique aspects of Bomberman 64 was that it had a brand new single-player mode which provided 3D action-adventure gameplay. In various installments prior to Bomberman 64 we never got to see a single-player game mode similar to what was presented in ‘97. In the older Bomberman games of the NES/SNES eras the main appeal of those games were the multiplayer battle modes. Also, the older Bomberman games prior to ‘97 were not heavily story-driven compared to what was presented in Bomberman 64. The storyline for Bomberman 64 involved White Bomber trying to thwart the evil plans of the Masked Trio and the main antagonist Altair.

The game had players travel to multiple worlds including Red Mountain, Blue Resort, Green Garden, Black Forest and White Glacier. Players were required to collect 100 hidden gold cards to access the Rainbow Palace along with defeating Altair in the story mode of Bomberman 64. While the single player story mode was perhaps the main highlight of Bomberman 64; the multiplayer modes were also very impressive. Bomberman 64 allowed up to four players simultaneously in both Battle and Team Mode. Along with having great gameplay the level designs for Bomberman 64 looked amazing by ‘97 standards. The concept of collecting gold cards in the story mode for Bomberman 64 felt similar to Super Mario 64 from ‘96 when players had to collect hidden stars in various stages. Even Super Mario 64 was far more successful than Bomberman 64 the game had nothing else to do outside of the story mode. Some can make the argument that Bomberman 64 had a higher replay value than Super Mario 64 from ‘96 especially since it featured local multiplayer gameplay that allowed up to four players. Even though, there are more high-profile titles within the Bomberman series the 64 game from ‘97 was highly underrated.

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