Mario Party Superstars set for release in Q4 2021!!!

Apparently, WarioWare: Get It Together is not the only party game that we will be getting for the Switch console later this year. It was recently revealed at Nintendo’s E3 2021 event that the world is going to see another Mario Party game sooner than expected. At Nintendo’s E3 2021 Presentation it was revealed that Mario Party Superstars will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in October 2021. The game will be developed by NDCube and published by Nintendo and will have a somewhat of a retro based tone it. According to Nintendo Mario Party Superstars will include five remastered maps from some of the earliest installments within the series that appeared on the N64. The question as to why Mario Party Superstars is its own separate game opposed to to DLC for Super Mario Party from ’18 is unknown. However, for those who have grown tried of Super Mario Party the upcoming release of Super Mario Superstars is a good thing. Aside from having at least one hundred mini games with a few remastered retro maps there is little that we know about Super Mario SuperStars. There have been a few levels that has been confirmed to appear on Super Mario Superstars.

This upcoming game will feature classic Mario Party levels including “Space Land” along with “Peach’s Birthday Cake”. It has also been confirmed that Birdo from Super Mario Bros 2 will return as a playable character in Super Mario Superstars; following her absence in Super Mario Party. Since Mario Party Superstars will not be available for the Switch until October 29th; its certain that Nintendo will reveal a ton of details about the upcoming game within the next few months. Its also save assume that main characters like Mario, Peach, Bowser and Luigi will be returning in Mario Party SuperStars later this year. Its also possible that Mario Party SuperStars might have added DLC following its release in October 2021 if Nintendo decides to remaster more retro stages from the N64 era of the Mario Party series.

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