Retro Gaming 90’s- Goof Troop: (1993)

There are many people who remember the animated television series called Goof Troop which premiered back in September 1992. The Goof Troop show was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation which lasted for at least two seasons with approximately 78 episodes. The popularity of the Goof Troop show eventually lead to the release of a video game produced by Capcom. The Goof Troop game was released exclusively on Super Nintendo for some strange reason and did not have a Genesis port in ’93. Despite, the fact that the Goof Troop game is an action-adventure title players engaged in more puzzle solving activities than anything. The Goof Troop game had a pretty basic plot which involved players rescuing PJ & Pete after they have been captured as either Goofy or Max. The cool thing about the Good Troop game was the fact that it included co-op gameplay opposed to only having a single-player mode. The Goof Troop game contained only five levels and the difficulty level was pretty low; compared to the average action-adventure game you would see on NES. The strongest positive about the Goof Troop video game was its well-polished 16-bit graphics.

The gameplay for Goof Troop was simple enough for a toddler to learn by themselves . At the end of each level players had to engage in boss battles similar to any other action-adventure video game. Throughout, each stage players had to collect certain items as Goofy or Max to progress in each level; while throwing objects such as bombs and barrels to destroy enemies. Along with being fairly easy to complete in terms of difficulty Goof Troop was also very forgiving when it came to losing lives. Unlike, Battletoads for the NES players can resume the game in co-op if their partner dies opposed to sharing lives. Players were allowed to gain extra lives by collecting red diamonds while blue gems lead to accumulating more continues; make it difficult for both players to lose all their lives. Players were also Abe to pitch up where they left off after losing their lives by entering passwords which made the Goof Troop game easier. While Goof Troop was not on the same level of popularity as titles like Chip ‘n Dale, Ducktales or even Darkwing Duck for the NES; it was a Nintendo game that was well received by critics for the most part. The Goof Troop game could have been more complex in terms of difficulty with more stages but it was still a decent action-adventure puzzle game for Super Nintendo in 1993.

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