Retro Gaming 90’s- Metal Gear: Snakes Revenge: (1990)

As many people know the Metal Gear series has been around since ’87 and since then it became very popular within gaming industry between late 90’s-early 10’s. Arguably the most popular installment within the series came during the 00’s with releases of high profile titles such as MGS2 to MGS4 from ’01-’08 along with Tactical Espionage title for the PS1 in ’98. Also, Metal Gear Solid V from ’15 had grossed $179 million shortly following its initial release in September of that year. But as far as titles within the Metal Gear series that flew under the radar are concerned ; titles such as Snakes Revenge from ’90 for the NES do not get talked about as much. The Metal Gear: Snakes Revenge game was developed by Konami and published by Ultra Games in America. Metal Gear: Snakes Revenge was considered to be a sequel to the original title that was released back in 1987. However, Metal Gear: Snakes Revenge is looked at as a unofficial sequel by some fans since Hideo Kojima was not involved in the proud of the game. In fact, Kojima was the director of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX2 from 1990.

While the MSX2 was arguably more superior than the NES visually Nintendo’s 8-bit console was definitely more popular among gamers during the 80’s and the early 90’s to some extent. The plot for Metal Gear Solid: Snakes Revenge took place three years following the events of the original game. Players learn about the possibility of a terrorist nation in the Middle East duplicating the Metal Gear model that was destroyed in the first game. The game sees Solid Snake returning as the main protagonist while himself and two comrades attempt to infiltrate the enemy’s base. Solid Snake is sent on a mission known as Operation 747 alongside John Turner and Nick Myer. While John Turner was a former Navy Intelligence agent Nick Myer was an ex-Marine who is considered an expert in advanced weaponry. In terms of gameplay players were able to collect variety of weapons similar to the ’87 prequel to destroy their enemies. Also, access to different areas within the enemy’s base was obtainable through the use of key cards. Most of the gameplay in Metal Gear: Solid Snake is similar to the original game in terms of stealth-related mechanics. Players go through various stages including cargo, jungle, train and warehouse areas. Along with having the traditional top down perspective of the original Metal Gear game; Snakes Revenge also has a side-view where players more limited action-wise in terms of attacking. In fact, the mixture of the top down perspective along with side view gameplay was somewhat reminiscent Zelda II: Adventure of Link. While Metal Gear: Snakes Revenge was not quite as popular as MG2: Solid Snake it was still a solid stealth game to have on the NES; during a time where that genre had yet to reach its peak in popularity.

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