Retro Gaming 90’s- Little Mermaid: (1991)

When it comes down to classic Walt Disney films that were big during the early 90’s The Little Mermaid is a movie that would be on top on many people’s ten list. The actual Little Mermaid movie was released back in November of ’89 and the film was mainly praised by critics following its release in theaters worldwide. The Little Mermaid movie had a budget of $40 million and ended up earning approximately $233 million in relation to box office sales. The success of the Little Mermaid movie ended up spawning a television prequel on CBS in ’92; while leading to a direct straight to video sequel entitled Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. The Little Mermaid movie was also so popular to a point where Capcom released a game for the NES and Game Boy based on film itself. Despite, how popular Little Mermaid was in the early 90’s that Capcom had released in relation to the film could have bee more popular on the Super Nintendo console. By the early 90’s 8-bit gaming was starting to become obsolete but more people probably owned the NES more so than another game console in the world in ’91.

As a video game Little Mermaid from ’91 was a pretty basic action title were players would have go through numerous stages and deal with countless foes underwater. Players would have to compete stages including Sunken Ship, Sea Of Ice, Coral Sea along with Undersea Volcano before reaching Ursula’s Castle. Once players reached Ursula’s Castle players had to take part in two battles before officially completing the game in its entirety. Taking control of Ariel with a health meter consisting of five hearts and using aqua based offensive against underwater enemies was somewhat creative. Generally, in action games players attack their foes directly but Capcom tried to make the Little Mermaid game as kid friendly as they possibly could. Despite, how basic the gameplay for Little Mermaid for the NES was it managed to be an attraction to children who were familiar with movie; along with casual gamers who were fans of action titles in general. While we did get a video game for Little Mermaid on Sega Genesis in ’92; some would argue that it paled in comparison to the NES game despite having more superior quality in terms of visuals.

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