Could Guilty Gear have worked on Dreamcast in 1998?

While the original Guilty Gear title for the PS1 from ’98 is considered to be an underrated fighting title; there was no question that Guilty Gear: The Missing Link was overshadowed on the PS1 by various other high-profile titles on that console. The PS1 featured best selling games such as Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid and more. During the late 90’s basic 3D gameplay end up becoming a huge attraction among gamers for both the PS1 and the N64 from ’96 onwards. Seeing how there were many popular games for the PS1 created by developers such as: Konami, Square Enix, Capcom, Namco and others; Arc System Works Guilty Gear title did not have much of chance in terms standing out on the 32-bit console. There some who question whether or not Guilty Gear: The Missing Link could of been a bigger attraction on Dreamcast between ’98-’99. The original Guilty Gear game from ’98 would have been perfect for Dreamcast; especially since it could have offered a more superior version of Guilty Gear: The Missing Link without lengthy loading times commonly seen on the PS1.

It should noted that even though 2D fighting games were starting to decline in popularity during the late 90’s; there were games such as Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Marvel Vs Capcom I-II along with SNK vs Capcom I-II that were huge attractions on Dreamcast between ’98-’01. However, as a console Dreamcast was not considered to be a success commercially compared to its competitors in the PS1 and N64. Dreamcast reached roughly over 9 million in sales which was not even a fraction of what the PS1 ended selling during its lifespan in retail. Arc System Works obviously knew that releasing Guilty Gear: The Missing Link for Sony’s PS1 was clearly a better choice from a business standpoint.

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