Will Saints Row V appear at E3 2021?

The Saints Row series has been around since the mid 00’s following the release of the very first game which came out in ’06 for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Since then Volition has given the world some of the most exciting action-adventure titles do date especially back when THQ was publishing some of the older Saints Row games. In fact, many people would go on record and make the argument that Saints Row 2 from ’08 was the best installment within the series. The latest installment within the Saints Row series that the world got to see was Saints Row IV from ’13 which was a pretty enjoyable game. However, its clear as day that Saints Row IV did not have the same type of replay value as II & III. It seems that for past seven plus years the Saints Row series has been dead or at least on a hiatus. While Saints Row V was confirmed to be in development in 2020 there is a large amount of uncertainty on its release date. In fact, there has been no official trailer or announcement by Deep Silver about Saints Row V.

There are many people who hope that Saints Row V appears at E3 2021 this year to give fans of the series a glimpse as to what they can look forward to in the future. While Saints Row 2 from ’06 was memorable Saints Row 3 was highly favored among players for a variety of reasons; including its great storyline, dark tone, polished visuals, charismatic characters and good soundtracks. If Saints Row V is anything like Saints Row III it would definitely become a big attraction on current generation consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox One. While the superpower concept in Saints Row IV arguably detracted from the realism of preceding games within the series; focusing more on realism while making it enjoyable could only do nothing but improve the overall quality of Saints Row V over its predecessor.

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