Should Kingdom Hearts II be remastered for the PS5?

As many people know Kingdom Heart’s II was one of the most popular RPG titles to have emerged from the 00’s decade. Since its release back in ’05 Kingdom Hearts managed to reach over 4.7 million copies in sales. In fact, Kingdom’s Hearts II is recognized as one of the greatest action role-playing games of all-time. An HD remastered version of Kingdom Hearts II on the PS5 is something that would definitely turn heads within the gaming world if Square Enix had any plans to make that a reality. While Kingdom Hearts III has been an attraction in retail since its initial release in January 2019; there are a handful of individuals who never had the chance to play KHII from ’05. Despite, the fact that Kingdom Hearts II was released about fifteen years ago it came out during a time period where blood gore and violence was pretty much mainstream in America. When it came down to video game preference in American during the mid 00’s more people would rather play games such as Grand Theft Auto along with Saint’s Row opposed to the likes of Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom Hearts II was a classic that could of appeal more to western gamers during the 10’s decade opposed to the 00’s.

A remastered version of Kingdom Hearts II would probably be a bigger attraction nowadays considering how popular Action-RPG’s has become in this day and age. While Square Enix has no current plans on developing an HD remastered version of Kingdom Hearts II for the PS5 the idea of it becoming a reality seems very appealing in the year 2021. Sometimes its hard to believe that Kingdom Hearts II is over fifteen years old; seeing that the game is classic it definitely deserves more as it pertains to the 20’s decade. A remastered version of Kingdom Hearts II on the PS5 would be a huge attraction since many current generation gamers never got a chance to play the original version of the game. As far as gameplay is concerned many might argue that the mechanics for Kingdoms Hearts III is not as good as KHII. However, Kingdom Hearts III is still a great RPG overall. While there are a variety of games that are huge attractions on the PS5 such as Assassins Creed Valhalla its questionable on whether or not Kingdom Hearts has the same appeal it had during the mid 00’s.

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