Retro Gaming 90’s- Secret Of Evermore: (1995)

When it comes down to classic RPG’s from the 90’s decade the Secret Of Evermore was one of most enjoyable yet underrated titles from the 16-bit era of gaming. Secret Of Evermore was an action role-playing game for the Super NES which was released by Square Enix back in 1995. Some of the strongest points about Secret Of Evermore included the graphics along with the game’s alchemy system. The were various criticisms hurled had certain aspects of Secret Of Evermore including its battle system along with its bizarre storyline. The storyline for Secret Of Evermore was not horrible but it was pretty basic and revolved around a boy who did not have a specific name. The opening sequence that took place thirty years before the official setting of the game and seemed somewhat random. The main character ends up in this huge abandoned mansion after his dog chases a cat into it. Inside the mansion players see the same laboratory from thirty years prior and the dog chews on some wires; the Hero and his pet ended up being transported to a space station known as Omnitopia within the world of Evermore. Players eventually discover that Professor Sidney Ruffleberg and his three companions were stuck in Evermore for at least three decades.

The three companions within Evermore were considered to be rulers within their own utopias which ended up physically manifesting themselves into regions. Professor Sidney Ruffleberg watched over everything within Evermore alongside his butler companion Carltron. The main twist in the game occurs when players discover that Carltron is the main antagonist. The Hero eventually learns that Carltron was responsible for trapping Professor Ruffleberg and his companions in Evermore. Carltron was also behind the creation of ferocious creatures within the regions of Gothica, Antiqua, Prehistoria. The irony of Carltron being the main villain of the game was the fact that it was an accident caused by Professor Ruffleberg. By using an intelligence chip to make Carltron smarter during a game to chess the Professor accidentally turned him evil. Once Carltron was defeated everything went back to normal along with the players and his dog rescuing various companions from different regions. Players also see the Hero return rescued companions to Podunk, USA. Secret Of Evermore was an adventurous action role-playing game that brought a lot to the table from a creative standpoint. Evermore was not necessarily a title that players could relate to but the space-time travel aspect of the game was very intriguing. If Secret Of Evermore had multiple main characters opposed to just an unnamed hero it could have great multiplayer Action-RPG titles.

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