Retro Gaming 90’s- Mighty Final Fight: (1993)

The Final Fight series from the early 90’s is considered to be legendary within the world of gaming as far as the beat em up genre is concerned. The original Final Fight game was initially released in arcade centers worldwide in December 1989; the success of the original game influenced Capcom to create two SNES exclusive sequels between ’93-’95. The same year Final Fight 2 was released for Super Nintendo; Capcom had made a spin-off version of the original game for the NES entitled Mighty Final Fight. As many people know by ’93 the NES console was considered to be obsolete in the eyes of many people. During the early 90’s 16-bit consoles such as: Sega Genesis & Super Nintendo surged in popularity during the console wars; right before Sony launched the PS1 console in Q4 1994. While Mighty Final Fight was graphically inferior compared to the arcade and SNES versions of the game; the sprites looked way better than 8-but titles that were released during the mid 80’s. Players had the ability to control the same three characters Cody, Guy and Haggar as they clash with the main antagonists known as the Mad Gear Gang.

The plot of the story revolves around trying to rescue Mike Haggar’s daughter named Jessica who was kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang. Mighty Final Fight provides players with six different stages with two bonus levels. Each stage had a boss character at the end similar to most beat em up games. Sadly, Mighty Final Fight for the NES was mainly a single-player game due to the limitations of the NES console. Along with the 8-bit level designs and chibi art style Mighty Final Fight was a game that looked similar it uniquely different from the original title that came out in 1989. Some would argue that Mighty Final Fight was a better entry within the series than Final Fight 2 for the SNES which also came out in 1993. The characters in Mighty Final Fight such as Guy & Cody had more charisma and eventually became more popular than the likes of Maki & Carlos from Final Fight 2. In fact, Guy & Cody were also more popular than Dean & Lucia from Final Fight 3 from ’95; especially since they appeared in more video games later down the line within the Street Fighter series. Mighty Final Fight may not have been on the level of Battletoads from ’91 in terms of popularity; but the game itself was a unique attraction for the NES during a time were the console itself had overstayed its welcome in retail.

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