Retro Gaming 80’s- Power Drift: (1988)

When it came down to creating arcade racing classics between the mid 80’s-early 90’s there is no question that Sega gave the world some of the memorable titles ever. In 1986, Sega had released the legendary Outrun game that still gets talked about favorably to this day by many people. While Outrun had been ported to numerous Sega consoles following its release in the early 90’s; there were arcade racing games like Power Drift that Sega made which many people from America are unaware. The Power Drift arcade racing game which came out in ’88 remained exclusive in the countries of Japan & Europe and was never officially released in America. Power Drift was ported to a variety of game systems including Amiga, Atari ST, PC Engine, MS-DOS, Commodore 64 and other consoles that were not too popular in America. Similar to your typical arcade racing game Power Drift had a simple objective which involved finishing the race. However, players were expected to complete each race in 3rd place or better in order to advance to the next stage. While repeating a stage was possible after failing to reach 3rd place or higher players were punished because they could not accumulate points during do overs.

Power Drift saw players race against eleven other competitors with the inclusion of five different courses each with their own soundtrack. Unlike, the Outrun game from ’86 the courses had more of a rollercoaster fell to hit which added to the overall excitement of the game. The visuals for of Power Drift were among the strong positives of the game because it looked like something from the early 90’s. Power Draft looked like a game that could have been as much of an attraction as Outrun still was during the early 90’s. While Power Drift was a pretty solid arcade racing title some believe that more stages of have been included within the game. In fact, some would probably argue that Power Drift should have received a direct sequel sometime during the early 90’s. While Power Drift would be considered one of Sega’s few forgotten gems fro the the late 80’s; its considered to be a underrated racing to others that deserved a release in the United States.

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