Did Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone deserve an HD remake?

When it comes down to forgotten action-adventure games from the early 00’s there are many people who have probably forgotten about the Harry Potter game from 2001. During the 00’s the Harry Potter series in general was very popular and we saw about movies within the series between ’01-’11. However, the very first Harry Potter movie from ’01 entitled the Philosophers Stone was arguably the most popular one of them all. Not only was the original Harry Potter movie considered a cult classic but it managed to gross $1 billion in terms box office revenue with a budget of $125 million. While the Philosophers Stone film from ’01 was a classic the game that appeared on PS1, PS2, GameCube and Xbox was not too memorable. One of the sharpest criticisms of the Philosophers Stone game included poor graphics, lack of music and repetitive gameplay. One of the strong points about the Philosophers Stone video game was the high quality voice acting which received praise from various gaming publications following its release in the early 00’s. Aside, from the voice acting there are some who believe that if the Harry Potter Philosophers Stone game received an HD remake for the PS5 or the Xbox Series X that it would be somewhat of an attraction to long time fans of the series.

The only problem with the idea of a potential remake of the Philosophers Stone game is the fact the developers who worked PS1, PS2 and GameCube versions of the title are no longer in business. Both Argonaut & Warthog Games became defunct during the mid 00’s. Also, it seems like Electronic Arts had no plans whatsoever on remaking the Philosophers Stone at all within the past 17-18 years. Despite, how people feel about the Philosophers Stone game it ended becoming one of the best selling titles for the PS1; by reaching over 8 million in terms of copies sold worldwide. Since the Harry Potter series is not as much of an attraction as it was throughout the 00’s and early 10’s; its questionable on whether or not a remake of the game would draw any interest among thousands of people within gaming world today.

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