Retro Gaming 90’s- Super Punch Out!!: (1994)

When it comes down to memorable boxing titles from the early 90’s one if the few games that SNES that many people have fond memories of is Super Punch Out!! from 1994. Super Punch Out!! was developed by Nintendo R&D3 and Locomotive Corporation; and was considered to be the 16-bit successor to the original Punch Out game from 1983. There various features of Super Punch Out!! that were impressive including the character sprites, gameplay along with the fact that it played similar to that of its ’83 NES Predecessor. The fights were presented from a third-person perspective with players having only three minutes to knock their opponents out. During fights players had the ability to throw various types punches including jabs, uppercuts and hooks. Throughout, each match players were able to gain momentum and increase their power-up bars which gave them stronger and more effective attacks against their opponents. Super Punch Out!! also had some added realism in the form of stamina bars which depleted when players suffered damage from their opponents within the three minute they fought. Also, players could not dodge strong attacks and were expected to avoid them to protect themselves from damage.

While the gameplay mechanics for Super Punch Out!! were solid one of the primary sources of entertainment for this boxing title was its cartoonish tone and the inclusion of diverse fictional characters. Super Punch Out!! featured characters from various national backgrounds each with their own win-loss records and generic catchphrases. While Nintendo did a tremendous job in making graphical improvements and capturing vibe of the original Punch Out!! game; Super Punch Out!! was not quite as memorable as the original NES which appealed more to causal gamers. Even though, various gaming publications praised Super Punch Out!! for its overall quality; there were definitely better games within the boxing genre that emerged from the 90’s. Super Punch Out!! seemed like a game that appealed more to kids; while titles such as Ready 2 Rumble Boxing from ’99 were targeted teenagers and adults. Also, the boxing genre of gaming in general works better with 3D gameplay which was something that was seen within the Fight Night series during the 00’s.

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