Retro Gaming 90’s- Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2 (1993)

The Dragon Ball Z series is considered to be legendary within the world of anime with countless video games appearing on various consoles since the early 90’s. Before the DBZ series started to become popular in America between the late 90’s-early 00’s; there were various video games within the series that appeared on the Super Famicom console exclusively in Japan during the early 90’s which the rest of the world was unfamiliar with back in the day. Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden2 from late ’93 was a fighting title created by gaming developer Tose and published by Bandai. DBZ: Super Butoden 2 was the direct sequel to the first Super Butoden game which came out earlier in ’93. In terms of gameplay there was hardly any differences between Butoden 1 & 2; but the graphics & audio the second Butoden game were slightly better. Also, while the original Super Butoden game covered the events of the Saiyan & Namek sagas; Super Butoden 2 focused on the Android & Cell sagas. It should also be noted that characters such as Broly & Bojack who had their own non-canon DBZ movies appeared as playable characters in Super Butoden 2 as well.

The character selection in Super Butoden 2 included the likes of Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Future Trunks and Cell. It should also be noted that Son Goku was a hidden character in Super Butoden 2 most likely due to his inactivity throughout a majority of the Android saga in the anime/manga. As a fighting game some would argue that Super Butoden 2 was ahead of its time because of the aerial combat mechanic that allowed players to get physical while hovering in the air. Also, the split screen gameplay was something that had never been seen in 2D fighting games during that time period which made Super Butoden 2 standout. While Super Butoden 2 was criticized for its repetitive gameplay and music it was still considered to be an improvement over the original installment. Also, Super Butoden 2 is widely remembered for its soundtracks which were composed Kenji Yamamoto; worked on the soundtracks for some of the DBZ movies from ’89-’93. DBZ: Super Butoden 2 was far from being the best fighting game from the early 90’s; but it was definitely considered a better game than likes of DBZ: Ultimate Battle 22 & Final Bout for PS1 from ’95-’97.

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