Retro Gaming 00’s- Devil May Cry 4: (2008)

When it comes down to memorable titles within the action-adventure genre of gaming; Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4 from ’08 was a classic from the PS3/Xbox 360 era people still talk about today. While there are many people would argue that Devil May Cry 3 from ’05 was a more superior game; DMC 4 was also a pretty solid game that was well received by critics and fans of the series. Some of the positives in Devil May Cry 4 included great gameplay mechanics along with the introduction of a brand new character by the name of Nero. Also, players had the ability to control both Nero along with the series reoccurring main protagonist Dante. One of the negatives that people complained about in relation to Devil May Cry 4 included backtracking. While Devil May Cry 4 looked more superior than DMC 3 from a visual standpoint the game itself felt a bit repetitive at times. Players were subjected to fighting the same bosses more than once and the game was much easier in terms of difficulty in comparison to DMC 3. While DMC 4 had 20 missions for players to complete it was a game that could be completed in less than 20 hours depending on one’s skill level.

The storyline for Devil May Cry 4 revolved around the religious sect known as the “Order of the Sword” with Nero pursuing Dante after he kills the leader of the group named Sanctus. Initially, Nero believes Dante to be his enemy considering until he eventually discovers the truth regarding his lineage in relation to being a descendant of Sparda. Similar to other installments within the Devil May Cry series DMC 4 was full of unpredictable twists and turns which made the game itself more intriguing. Players eventually learn about Sanctus’s resurrection along with his plans to create a demonic army with the powers of Vergil’s Devil Arm Yamato sword. Nero’s romantic interest Kyrie ends up being kidnapped within the game; he also discovers that Kyrie’s older brother Credo was apart of the conspiracy orchestrated by the “Order Of The Sword”. Not only was Credo considered to be Kyrie’s older brother but he was also Nero’s former mentor and the Supreme General of the Holy Knights within the Order Of The Sword religious sect. Credo was also a boss during eighth mission that players had to battle as Nero.

Credo eventually defected from the Order Of The Sword upon learning the group’s wicked intentions while discovering that Sanctus was using him along with his sister for his own personal agenda. Devil May Cry 4 also saw the return of Trish who was absent in DMC 3 as she was revealed to be an undercover spy within The Order to expose the group as a whole. As far as in game mechanics were concerned players saw the return of the “Devil Trigger” which both Dante & Nero could utilize to amplify their strength. Players could also perform various unbroken hack n slash combos on hordes of enemies while receiving stylish grades ranging from C, B, A all the way to S, SS, Triple S which are among the highest. Also, the new currency system involving Proud Souls & Red Orbs in order to purchase new abilities and items was one that hardly anyone had a problem with whatsoever. Since its initial release Devil May Cry 4 has managed to reach over 3 million copies in sales and was eventually remastered in ’15 for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. While the original version of Devil May Cry 4 has Dante & Nero as playable characters; DMC 4: Special Edition has Vergil, Trish and Lady which made the remastered version of the game even more appealing than the original. While Devil May Cry 4 may not have been as strong of an entry as its predecessor DMC: 3 from ’05 or DMC: 5 from 2019; it was quite possibly one of the best action-adventure titles of the late 00’s specifically 2008.

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