Retro Gaming 90’s- Silent Hill: (1999)

When comes down to classic survival horror games from the late 90’s one of the most popular titles from that period was the original Silent Hill game from 1999. The original Silent Hill title was developed by Konami & Team Silent and was released exclusively for the PS1 before being ported to Game Boy Advance in 2001. In terms of being a terrifying game it made the first two Resident Evil games from ’96-’98 seem like child’s play. Silent Hill was much darker than Resident Evil was and had more blood & gore to a point where would have been too scary for family-friendly consoles such as the N64 or Dreamcast back then. Along the dark atmosphere and mature nature of Silent Hill the game was interesting because it had a basic plot with five possible endings. The plot for Silent Hill revolved around the main protagonist Harry Mason who is desperately searching for his lost daughter Cheryl; in a town that was invested by monsters. The developers of Silent Hill did a great job making players feel like they were watching an actual horror movie during gameplay. The creativity as it related to in-game mechanics was stunning because there certain features that made the original Silent Hill game feel realistic.

Those who owned the PS1 DualShock controller got to feel the heartbeat of Harry Mason when his health was low after being attacked by various monsters. The gameplay in Silent Hill mainly consisted of players collecting maps of various areas within the game while finding keys and solving puzzles. The haunting vibes along with the mystery & suspense that we got in the original Silent Hill game was something that many people appreciated; because Konami had never created a high profile game within the survival-horror genre prior to 1999. While Konami had released some iconic 3D gems during the 90’s including Metal Gear Solid ’98 and Castlevania: Symphony Of Night; Silent Hill felt unique since it was unlike anything we have seen or expected from Konami which is why it stands out. Despite, not being as popular or selling as much as Resident Evil 2; Silent Hill managed to reach over 2 million copies in sales. The original Silent Hill game also managed to spawn a highly successful sequel on the PS2 back in 2001. As it currently stands many fans of the series are hoping that at some point Konami will remaster the original Silent Hill title for the PS5 sometime during the 20’s decade. Even though, Konami has not made any kind of official announcement regarding a potential HD remake of the Silent Hill ’99 game for current generation consoles; one has to believe that at some point Konami will eventually have to port Silent Hill ’99 to the PS5 considering its legendary status within the survival-horror genre of gaming.

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