Retro Gaming 00’s- Resident Evil 4: (2005)

The Resident Evil series has been around since ’96 and the survival-horror franchise is one of the most recognizable names in gaming today. The survival horror series started to skyrocket in popularity following the release of Resident Evil for the PS1 back in ’98. Since the late 90’s the Resident Evil series as become a household name within the survival-horror genre of gaming with RE2 being considered arguably the best in the whole series. While Resident Evil 3: Nemesis from ’99 was also a terrifying masterpiece for the PS1 due to its dark presentation and realism; its not talked about quite as much as Resident Evil 4 from 2005. While Resident Evil 4 was not as scary as RE3 the game is generally remembered for its innovative gameplay. In fact, many people would credit Resident Evil 4 to some degree for making third person shooters in general popular. Resident Evil 4 was a game that was released for the PS2 & GameCube back in the mid 00’s. Resident Evil 4 stood out even more on GameCube considering the fact that it generally included more family-friendly games than the PS2 did. Resident Evil 4 saw players control the main protagonist Leon S. Kennedy from RE2. The plot for the RE4 revolved around trying to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter Ashley Graham after she was kidnapped by a mysterious cult.

Resident Evil 4 saw Leon fight off a seemingly endless wave of villagers who end up becoming infected by a mind-controlling parasite. The events of RE4 takes place in the rural part of Europe and eventually we see the return of the mysterious spy Ada Wong; who was introduced in Resident Evil 2. The gameplay in RE4 was on among many of the positive highlights featured; especially in terms of how much it improved in comparison to its predecessors. Players could shoot certain limbs of an enemy which would trigger a more realistic reaction such as dropping a weapon or falling downwards if struck by foot. The quick time events was also a nice touch to RE4 in terms of making the game appear more realistic. The quick time events along with context-sensitive controls which allowed Leon to interact with his environment; made the gameplay for RE4 feel more organic compared to installments that came before it. Also, the attaché case inventory system was pretty unique considering the fact that Leon’s was a government special agent.

While the main villain for RE4 and Los Illuminados cult leader Lord Osmund Saddler was strange & sinister; he was not on the same level as the likes of Nemesis or Albert Wesker in terms of being a memorable antagonist. Resident Evil 4 was a great survival-horror game which as managed to reach over 10 million sales; cross various platforms including PS2, GameCube, PS4 and Xbox One. There is no doubt that Resident Evil 4 was without a doubt one of Capcom’s best games from the 00’s decade.

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