Retro Gaming 90’s- Kirby Super Star: (1996)

When it comes down to classic platform games from the 16-bit era of gaming there are many people who talk about Kirby Super Star from 1996. The reason why Kirby Super Star was such a big deal as a platformer back in ’96 was because it had at least eight different game modes featured on in. It was almost uncommon to see a 16-bit action platform game with that many game modes; since it was something that was more common within the fighting genre of gaming. Kirby Super Star was released about a year after the Kirby’s Avalanche puzzle game came out; it was also first major high profile platform game within its series appear on the SNES. Not did Kirby Super Star look amazing in terms of graphics but the replay value of the game was very high as well. Unlike, Super Mario All-Stars from ’93 which was a collection of three remastered NES classics from 80’s; Nintendo decided to be more innovative in terms of gameplay. The modes that players could choose from included Milky Way Wishes, Revenge Of Meta Knight, Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race, Spring Breeze and Great Cave Offensive. There were also an additional two mini games including in Kirby Super Star called Megaton Punch and Kirby Samurai which allows multiplayer gameplay.

The idea of having multiple stories with similar gameplay mechanics and different objectives was something that was intriguing back then. When it came down to popular 2D action platform games from the 16-bit era whether it be Super Mario or Sonic The Hedgehog; the formula was often basic consisting of the main hero & villain along with the main storyline and various levels to players had to complete. The fact, that Nintendo deviated from the basic formula used in just about every other platform they created prior to Kirby Super Star deserved praise. If Nintendo had released Kirby Super Star sometime between ’90-’93 the game could have sold way more than one million copies in Japan. By the time ’96 came around the PS1 had became very popular around the world including countries such as: America and Japan.

Also, Kirby Super Star was released the same year the N64 came out so there is no question that it got overshadowed to some extent in America. Thankfully, Kirby Super Star had been re-released on the Nintendo DS and got more exposure in America between ’08-’09 than it did on the SNES. While the SNES reached over 49 million units in sales the Nintendo DS hit approximately 154 million following its release in 2004. As far as 16-but platform games are concerned Kirby Super Star might possibly be better than Super Mario All-Stars in terms of overall creativity. If Nintendo had made a platform game like Kirby Super Star for Super Mario it Donkey Kong back in the 90’s who knows how successful they would have been on the SNES. While many people have various opinions on which Kirby game is the best in the series its almost certain that Super Star from ’96 would definitely be in the top five of many people’s list.

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