Does Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic I & II deserve HD remakes?

The Star Wars series has been around since the late 70’s and some of the best games within the entire series were released within the 00’s & 10’s decade. In terms of visuals and variety in relation to multiple genres such as: MMORPG, shooter, action-adventure and space combat; the past ten years saw some pretty games within the Star Wars series. There were a variety of Star Wars titles from 10’s decade including Old Republic, BattleFront I & II and Jedi: Fallen Order which were all high profile titles for game systems such as: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. While Electronic Arts has been the publisher of various Star Wars games during the 10’s decade the company also managed to earn at least $3 billion from the legendary sci-fi franchise within the past decade. Despite, how popular the Star Wars games from the 10’s decade has been many would go on record and argue that Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic I & II would be considered among the best. In fact, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic I & II were both games that were critically acclaimed by various gaming publications following their releases between ’03-’04.

Even though, Star Wars series is one that could work for just about any genre you can think of it seemed best suited for RPG gameplay; which is what Xbox & PC users got with Knights Of The Old Republic I & II around the mid 00’s. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic I was praised for its storytelling, music and character development which all considered the strong positives within the game itself. Also, Knights Of The Old Republic II felt similar to its predecessor in terms of gameplay but was criticized for its graphics and issues surrounding glitches within the game itself. The voice acting in KOTOR II was great but not necessarily perfect and the decision making aspect of the game which determines the player’s path great. Seeing how both KOTOR titles are over fifteen years old and was never remastered or remade in any shape for form by BioWare; there are many who wonder whether not both KOTOR games deserve to be re-released for the XBX or PS5. There have been rumors circulating around the web that Electronic Arts has big plans for the Star Wars series in retro gaming. However, the idea of potential ports for KOTOR I & II have not been mentioned or confirmed by Electronic Arts. If EA is made a ton of money in the 10’s decade off Star Wars games then trying to get KOTOR I & II remade or remastered for current generation consoles should definitely be a priority.

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