Was EVE Online ahead of its time?

As many people know EVE Online is considered to be a legendary MMORPG within the world of gaming since its inception back in 2003. EVE Online developed by CCP Games and published by Simon & Schuster Atari and was very unique because of its space simulation gameplay. During the early 00’s the MMORPG genre was not quite as popular as it eventually became during the early part of the 10’s decade. Aside from EVE Online we also had few titles such as World Of Warcraft that managed to become highly successful and gain mainstream attention during the 00’s. While there were many PC users back in the 00’s the level of appeal for MMORPG’s were not as high in comparison to the following decade. The 10’s decade had so many high profile MMORPG’s like Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, TERA, Final Fantasy XIV and more; that could have easily overshadowed if they were released in the early 00’s. Aside from first person shooter titles such as the Unreal Tournament series from ’99-’07 online gaming in relation to MMORPG’s were not too popular in America. However, EVE Online looked like a masterpiece that could of been far more successful if the game were released between the ’10-’12 time period.

Unlike your typical MMORPG EVE Online had a steep learning curve with complex in game mechanics which was not for everyone. The space exploration MMORPG provided players with nearly endless gameplay with over 5,000 different Star systems and four playable races to choose from. Players could partake in various activities including trading, manufacturing, pirating, mining, exploration and combat which made for a very intriguing Sci-Fi MMORPG. To say that EVE Online was ahead of its time would be an understatement especially since it came out during a decade where home based gaming consoles thrived in terms of worldwide sales more than any other decade. The PS2 reached over 155 million units in sales while the Nintendo DS did over 154 million and both game systems were released a few years apart from each other. In terms of gaming the early 00’s was an enjoyable time for many people in general and games like EVE Online and others were the reason why.

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