Could Earthbound have been more successful on Game Boy Color?

As many people know Earthbound aka “Mother 2” was a critically acclaimed RPG from ’84 that appeared in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Earthbound had a pretty unique look in terms of visuals and a dark yet intriguing storyline that placed some emphasis on western culture as it relates to Americana. The soundtrack which had 60’s vibes was also a nice touch to Earthbound and the battle system along with the overworld perspective and gameplay were both impressive as well. But as many people know Earthbound was a game that was not too popular in America back in the mid 90’s. Despite, over $1 million being spent on promoting Mother 2 in North America many people were starting to lose interest in 2D RPG’s in favor of 3D gaming. There are some people who wondered whether or not Earthbound could have more successful on the handheld Game Boy system during the mid to late 90’s. Even though, the Super NES was very popular following its 1990 release the Game Boy product line ended surpassing it overall in terms of sales. Both Game Boy & Game Boy Color managed to reach over 118 million in terms of sales; before they were ultimately discontinued in 2003.

While Earthbound was a 16-bit SNES game Game Boy had an 8-bit processor similar to that of the Nintendo Entertainment System which was released back in 1983. There is no question that Earthbound could have stood out more on Game Boy Color between ’98-’00. During the late 90’s the only games that Mother 2 would have to contend with in terms of popularity would be the Pokémon, Mario and Zelda titles. There were countless JRPG’s from the SNES era of gaming including Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV-VI, Secret Of Mana and more that obviously overshadowed Mother 2 in western countries like America. Despite, Game Boy Color being more inferior in terms of visual quality in comparison to the SNES the Earthbound game was still unlike any JRPG the world had seen during the 90’s decade. Also, the very first Mother game came out for the NES back in ’89; so having Mother 2 ported to Game Boy Color in the late 90’s could have been somewhat of an attraction in America. But its uncertain whether or not an Earthbound port for Game Boy Color would have sold millions in countries like Japan or America back in the late 90’s.

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