Retro Gaming 90’s- Rugrats: Search For Reptar (1998)

The Rugrats series is considered to be iconic in the realm of cartoons especially as it pertains to the 90’s decade. The Rugrats series started back in Summer 1991 and ended in 2004 with a total of nine seasons and approximately 179 episodes. While the Rugrats series was start to decline in popularity during the early 00’s it arguably peaked during the late 90’s. It was in ’98 when Rugrats: The Movie was released which earned over $140 million within the box office. It was that same year in ’98 when Rugrats: Search For Reptar was released for the PS1. Rugrats: Search For Reptar was developed by n-Space and published by THQ and was considered to be an action-adventure platform game. Rugrats: Search For Reptar allowed players to control multiple characters from the show including Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil & Lil in both single and multiplayer gameplay. The cool thing about the game is that it includes multiple levels that are based off of popular episodes from the Rugrats series. Rugrats: Search For Reptar included various levels based off episodes such as “Grandpa’s Teeth”, “Chuckie’s Glasses”, “The Mysterious Mr. Friend” and others towards the first few seasons of the series.

The levels within Rugrats: Search For Reptar could be completed in any order which was cool; the game also included a training and activities mode outside the main story which added to its replay value. The 3D visuals for Rugrats: Search For Reptar was impressive by late 90’s standards; even though the game would have looked much better on the N64. The voice acting for some of the characters in Rugrats: Search For Reptar really added life to the game itself. While Rugrats: Search For Reptar received mainly average reviews it still managed to break at least 1.5 million in sales. The Rugrats series arguably peaked in popularity in ’98 and while Search For Reptar did have a sequel ’99 it was not as successful. Rugrats: Search For Reptar was also considered to be a more superior game than Scavenger Hunt game for the N64 from ’99.

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