Could Game Boy Color have been successful during the 10’s?

As many people know Game Boy Color is a handheld game system from the late 90’s that became very popular mainly because of the Pokémon series. Pokémon Gold & Silver sold millions on Nintendo’s handheld game console along with the likes of the two Zelda Oracle games and Tetris DX which are still somewhat popular to this day. While Game Boy Color was a huge attraction following its initial release over 20 years ago; some people wonder or not the Game Boy Color would have had the same amount of popularity if it were released in the 10’s decade. Its a well known fact that gaming technology has evolved greatly since ’98 and more people are mobile and PC gamers now than ever before. Also, as far as quality is concerned game systems like the Nintendo Switch would have definitely overshadowed Game Boy Color during the 10’s decade. However, if we are talking about a decade like 80’s Game Color would have been bigger attraction during that decade; even though the Pokémon series did not start until the 90’s.

When you think about it Game Boy Color in some ways was like a portable version of the NES from 1982. There were games like Super Mario Land 2, Metroid II and others that could have been a much bigger attraction in the 80’s than they were in the 90’s. Also, Sega’s Mega Drive console was not a threat to Nintendo until the late 80’s; If Game Boy Color was released anytime between ’85-’86 it could have possibly of been more of an attraction than the Mega Drive; despite having inferior graphics. In the 10’s decade we had game systems such as PS4 and Xbox One that offered some of the best gameplay features in the history of gaming in general. While Game Boy Color is something that retro gamers hold near and dear to their heart; the handheld game system is now considered to be obsolete. But at the same time it was more popular than some of Nintendo’s lowest selling game systems such as Wii-U and GameCube.

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