Could DarkStalkers have worked on the SNES in ‘94?

As many people know the original DarkStalkers game from ’94 was a CP System II arcade fighting title that was in its develop and published by Capcom. DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors received a variety of positive reviews from various gaming publications such as GamePro for being a unique 2D fighting game. Even though, the gameplay for Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors was similar to that of Super Street Fighter II: Turbo which also came out in ’94; the game itself had darker and edgier characters. Also, the brief DarkStalkers anime series from ’95 looked more interesting than anything television related involving Street Fighter II. DarkStalkers: Night Warriors finally appeared on the PS1 in ’96 same year the critically acclaimed Street Fighter Alpha 2 game was released worldwide. Street Fighter Alpha 2 was ported for the PS1, Sega Saturn and evening the SNES. Seeing how Street Fighter Alpha 2 appeared on the SNES ’96 some question why Darkstalkers never appeared on the 16 bit console two years earlier.

However, its common knowledge that the SNES version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 was inferior compared to the PS1 and Sega Saturn versions of the game due to console limitations. DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors looked like a game that had no business on the SNES anytime between ’94-’96. The quality of a SNES version of DarkStalkers: Night Warriors probably would have looked great from a visual standpoint; but the actual gameplay would be somewhat choppy. If anything best version of DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors was the Sega Saturn port since it closely resembled gameplay from the CP System II. While the idea of having a DarkStalkers game on the SNES sounded appealing back in the mid 90’s; the Super Nintendo was starting to become obsolete during the mid 90’s.

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