Greatest rail shooter of all-time?

The Star Fox series considered to be legendary within the gaming world and it arguably reached its peak during the mid 90’s following the release of Star Fox 64 in 1997. Since its release Star Fox 64 managed to reach at least 4 million copies in worldwide sales surpassing its SNES predecessor from ’93. Along with having impressive 3D visuals Star Fox 64 had a branching level system depending on how skilled one was in terms of gameplay. While the original Star Fox game only allowed single player gameplay Star Fox 64 included multiplayer modes which added to the game’s overall replay value. The rumble pack feature the N64 had to offer added realism to the overall gaming experience of Star Fox 64. It should be noted that Star Fox 64 was so popular that the game was rebooted twice. In terms of popularity some might argue that the Nintendo 3DS reboot of Star Fox 64 was better than Star Fox Zero for the Wii-U in 2016.

If anything Star Fox 64 is arguably one of the of greatest rail shooter of 90’s without a doubt. To go one record and say that Star Fox 64 is the greatest rail shooter of all-time really depends on what you are looking for in a video game. From a sales perspective Star Fox 64 is one of the most high profile title within its genre from the N64 era. But if you look at the SNES/Genesis era of the early 90’s people think of games like Space Harrier from the early 90’s. Also the Virtua Cop series along with House of the Dead I & II were also memorable games from 90’s that were within the rail shooter genre. Star Fox 64 may of been the greatest rail shooter title of all-time to casual gamers but from those who are into adult titles might prefer the likes of House Of The Dead, TimeSplitters or the Time Crisis series.

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