Retro Gaming 90’s- Animaniacs: (1994)

As many people are aware Animaniacs the television show which first started in ’93 is considered cult classic to many people who grew up during the 90’s. The Animaniacs game was developed and published by Konami and was released for the Super NES and Sega Genesis back in ’94. It should also be noted there was a Game Boy version of Animaniacs that was published by Factor 5 and released in 1995. The Animaniacs game that we got in the mid 90’s seemed like a basic platformer with hardly any qualities that would set it apart from more innovative titles from that genre. However, Konami does deserve credit for making the SNES and Genesis versions of the game standout from one another to an extent in terms of gameplay. In the SNES version of Animaniacs players did not have lived or health bars and saw players lose the game once they were defeated or captured. The objective in the SNES version of Animaniacs was to collect over 20 different pages of a script; with each stage being spoofs of various real life films and movie genres. The Genesis version of Animaniacs had players go through five difficult levels each with bosses that need to be completed to obtain movie memorabilia.

Each version of Animaniacs gave players the option of controlling Wakko, Yakko and Dot each with their own unique special abilities/attacks when it came to dealing with enemies. While the Animaniacs television series was popular during the mid to late 90’s the game from ’94 was nothing too special. However, the Genesis version of the Animaniacs game was received more positively by critics versus its SNES counterpart. The Animaniacs game is remembered mainly by those who were huge fans of the television series; along with people who were familiar with pop culture back in the 90’s.

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